Notice regarding Peatix’s announcement (personal information withdrawal)

Peatix has announced that up to 6.77 million personal information has been extracted due to unauthorized access by a third party. AEA have used the services offered by Peatix for registration purpose of AEA events.

The announcement from Peatix website is below:

Summary of the above announcement;
1) It has been confirmed that information including names, email addresses, salted and hashed versions of passwords, nicknames, preferred languages, and countries and time zones where the accounts were created about some of the users are involved.

2) It has NOT been confirmed that payment-related information such as credit card information and financial institution account information, event participation history, data acquired by the questionnaire form for participants, address, telephone number, etc. were extracted.

3) If you are using the same password registered in Peatix for other services, please see the above announcement by Peatix and change your password just in case.

4) If you have any inquiries, please contact Peatix support office.

We apologize for causing a great deal of concern and trouble to all of you.
In the future, AEA will pay close attention to Peatix’s response and collect information. Also, from the perspective of protecting the personal information of event participants, we will consider how to use external event management services.

We will promptly inform you of any events that should be reported in the future.

AEA Steering Committee

Press Release : AEA 2020 Winners

Press Release : AEA 2020 Winners (PDF)

Eden Agritech from Thailand Wins First Prize, a solution that maintain food quality and extend its shelf life up to 3 times.

(Chiba, October 30, 2020) The Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) Steering Committee announced today that Eden Agritech from Thailand offering the solution to maintain food quality and extend its shelf life up to three times, won first prize at the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2020 (AEA 2020), an annual international innovation award allowing tech startups from Asia to showcase their product innovations and business plans. This
year’s event took place from October 27th to 29th, and was held fully online, with the participation of 30 progressive tech startups from 12 Asian countries and regions.

Media Report:AEA2020 Pre Event

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Press Release : AEA 2020 pre-event ONLINE!

Press Release : AEA 2020  pre-event ONLINE!  (Only in Japanese)