Privacy Policy

Asian Entrepreneurship Award steering committee (hereafter, “AEA”) strictly complies with all legal statutes and regulations related to the protection of personal information. In order to properly utilize and manage personal information the Privacy Policy described below is in effect.
In order to maintain and improve personal information protection and comply with any changes in the applicable laws and regulations this Privacy Policy may be modified or amended without notice by posting updates on this site. Please review the Policy periodically to verify the content.

*Asian Entrepreneurship Award steering committee is consisting of members from ; Division of University Corporate Relations – The University of Tokyo, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., TX Entrepreneur Partners General Incorporated Association (TEP), The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs (JASVE) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) [as of September, 2020].

[Privacy Policy]
With regard to this policy, AEA will continue to act and make improvements as needed to ensure that AEA personnel handling the tasks, as well as any relevant persons authorized to conduct operations, will be fully informed and able to properly implement the policy.

(1)Reasonable management
AEA will take all reasonable steps and implement appropriate information security measures, such as prevention of unauthorized access and computer virus protection, in order to prevent loss, damage, falsification or leakage of personal information.

(2)Collection of information
With regard to the collection of personal information, AEA employs legal and fair practices. When personal information is obtained indirectly, AEA verifies that the information provider has obtained the person’s information legally.

(3)Specific purpose of use
When personal information is collected, AEA will send or publicly post a notice describing the specific purpose.

(4)Strict compliance with use purpose
The use of personal information by AEA is limited to those persons who have been authorized to perform specific tasks, and is conducted within the range of the specified purpose of use and as required for the conduction of operations. In the event that it becomes necessary to use personal information for a purpose that goes beyond the specified purpose, the individual will be notified in advance, and consent will be obtained.

(5)Provision of information to third parties
In principle, AEA will not provide personal information in their possession to any third parties. However, if it is necessary to share the use of personal information with a provider consigned to perform AEA tasks, the personal information will be shared through means required by law and any applicable regulations for use within the specified range.

(6)Disclosure / Modification of Information
With regard to requests for disclosure, modification, cessation of use, deletion, etc. of personal information by the owner of said information, AEA will first verify the identity of the owner of the information and promptly respond as appropriate.

[Purpose of use]
When the prior consent of the user is obtained, AEA will use the personal information (Name, company name, title, e-mail, phone number, mailing address and other information AEA have collected) within the range of applications described below, in accordance with the current laws and regulations regarding personal information. 

(1)To provide information on various services
(2)To provide information on various events, workshops and the latest relevant reports
(3)Questionnaire requests
(4)Member and contract management
(5)Items related to the provision of other services arising through the operations of AEA

[Web site security]
Personal information registered on this web site and transmitted to the Committee is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology as a security measure to prevent unauthorized interception of data on the network.
AEA strives to make reasonable efforts to safeguard and manage personal information, but cannot fully guarantee the absolute security of personal information due to the character of the internet and e-mail services. Users are asked to be aware of this when using the web site and e-mail.
*SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): A standard protocol used as a security measure for transmissions via web sites. When input data is transmitted to the Internet the entire transmission is encrypted to prevent unauthorized interception.