Zhuhai Ziyan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Co. Ltd.

【AEA 2017 Alumni】
Ziyan is committed to manufacturing modern aerial robotic aviation platforms by using mature technology and leading edgy science. The company’s products include manufacture aircrafts with integrated avionics systems, intelligent flight control systems, integrated pistons and turbo-shaft engine technology, which targets to enhance the added value for potential buyers.

Ziyan’s feature product is unmanned helicopter, which has applicable uses in highway surveillance, rapid logistics operations, rescues, border patrol, counter-terrorism, special operations, aerial defense, aerial target drone training, agricultural protection, and other application scenario. Ziyan’s UAVs provide diversified choices for flight control systems and operation components, loading platforms and delivery systems to meet the demands of different industries and tasks.

Ziyan has a design team and produce flight control system, with all platform body using Black-Hawk glazed material and carbon fiber which makes structure solid and light. Ziyan’s UAV system and ground control station can be customized. There are various choices for distinctive-needed payload. All platforms are benchmarked upon Chinese military standard.


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Senior Investment Manager,
Ray VC
Start-up company which focus on latest UAV technologies, with peculiar IP and application scenarios. One of their main focus area is for security use and fire protection, which may cater to Japanese market.