Warden Machinery/Machine Vision LLC

 Warden Machinery – Russia-based startup with an office in Lithuania specializing in serial R&D and integration of machine vision-based solutions for the following industrial applications: quality control, sorting and segmentation, manual service labor control and augmentation, compliance control, safety and security monitoring, robotics, and automation. In brief, we optimize manufacturing and service procedures wherever possible, reinforce compliance control and support for those who are essential, enabling our clients to do more with less — more yield with less energy, fewer materials, and fewer labor hours.

 Our three major domains of operations comprise human behavioral analytics, visual defects detection in complex engineering systems and conveyor manufacturing, and real-time vision systems for industrial robots based on AI. Our neural networks can work in both GPU server and edge computation architectures.

 Our team consists of 16 PhD/PhD Student-level researchers in Computer Science and Robotics.

 We have received international recognition within startup contests conducted by large corporations including, for instance, Hager Group and Schneider Electric. Being focused on back-end technologies, we scale up by outsourcing sales and marketing to our strategic industrial partners, such as SAP CIS&SE, Schneider Electric, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
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JETRO Moscow
 Warden Machinery provides the AI-based human behavior monitoring system for safe work operations.
Their technology is able to detect worker conditions such as sleepiness, inattention, fatigue, poor health and intoxication.
The solution greatly contributes to improving the safety of various transportation services and manufacturing sites.
Already, they support companies not only in Russia but also in several countries.