Spectee Inc.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Current news publishers take approximately 90 minutes after an incident, accident, or disaster to start reporting on it. On the other hand, social media-based citizen journalism has risen alongside pervasive smartphones use, as citizens at the scene report breaking news faster than traditional news media.

Spectee’s Newdeck is a real-time citizen-based news publishing platform, for all news publishers and television’s newsrooms, that aims to shorten the time it takes to report on information by curating video and images posted on social media, and then analyze and sort the information using artificial intelligence.



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Spectee is an innovative news media in the internet age. It leverage social media and connects news sources and audience directly without major media’s intervention. Knowing the reality is the first step to be responsible independently. Spectee will chance the way to access to the latest news. I expect the Spectee team to be exposed to talented international entrepreneurs and expand their network with business partners, investors and supporters.