Repertoire Genesis, Inc.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Our primary mission is to contribute to super-personalized medicine by providing platform technology on the immune system. There are huge issues as follows: drugs do not always have the desired effect and adverse drug events are among the leading causes of death. Approximately, half of global drug sales, corresponding to $500 billion per year, are wasted on ineffective treatments and more than 2.2 million severe adverse drug events occur each year in the United States including more than 100,000 deaths. By identifying each patient’s drug targets with our company’s two analysis platforms, which are immuno-profiling and somatic gene mutation analyses, we could appropriately combine existing standardized therapies and develop personalized therapies.

We believe that our detailed understanding of the immune system, particularly that of the behaviors of T and B cells and disease-specific mutations, is key to developing personalized medicine.

Director, Chief Commercial Officer

Nominated by

The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd. (UTEC)
It is my great pleasure to recommend Repertoire Genesis, Inc., one of the medical portfolio companies of my venture capital firm the Universtity of Tokyo Edge Capital, to your renowned award program. Repertoire Genesis, which contributes to super-personalized medicine by providing immunoprofiling repertoire analysis services for T cell receptor (TCR) and B cell receptor (BCR) based upon their unbiased gene amplification technology and bioinformatics, was founded by Japanese researchers and entrepreneurs from Sagamihara National Hospital and Shionogi & Co., Ltd. I believe they deserve a role model of global technology platform startups emanating from Japanese medical institutes and corporations with their cutting-edge technologies and proprietry business models. Repertoire Genesis can identify patient-specific antigens as a cause of disease, and select the most efficient therapies for individual patients by using personalized antigen-specific TCR/BCR information. It will have a great impact on medical treatments around the globe, with the world cancer therapy market worth above 100 billion US dollars. They have launched services for labs and medical institutes already in Japan and US, and will expand their businesses soon to other Asian and European countries.   Repertoire Genesis’s innovativeness has been noticed through global events and publications like its selections as one of AdvaMed Innovation Showcases in August 2015, Biocom's Innovative Showcase Companies in February 2016, and, most recently, Nature MedTech Dealmakers in April 2016. Since their Japan-originated med-tech platform services for diagnostics and development of personalized therapeutic agents will benefit diagnostic and pharmaceutical institutes/companies all over the world, I would recommend AEA to recognize it and help their innovative services jump from Asia to root in the international personalized medical business scene.