Ningbo Gexin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2018 Alumni】
Through independent research and development of equipment, processes and systems, the company can produce high-quality silicon nano-particle products with small particle size, uniform and controllable, high sphericity and purity, nano-material dispersion through silicon powder. And silicon carbon coating technology, can be used in the negative electrode of lithium battery to greatly improve the energy flow density of the lithium battery, that is, greatly improve the endurance of the lithium battery to enhance the mass per unit volume.
Lithium batteries are widely used in mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles and other fields. They have a very broad application prospect. The market capacity is 100 billion. The project aims to improve the application capacity of lithium batteries and greatly enhance the market demand and customer experience. Solve the pain point of lithium battery in the application is not stable enough and endurance is insufficient.


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High-quality silicon nanoparticles produced by Gexin New Energy, with small particles (minimum 2nm), controllable size (2-100nm optional), narrow particle size distribution (deviation S<3), high sphericity (100% sphericity) ), the crystal form is adjustable, the purity is extremely high (greater than 99.999%) and other six obvious advantages. When the high-quality silicon nanoparticles are added to the negative electrode of the battery, the energy density of the battery is greatly increased, and high stable cycle performance can be maintained. The company has in-depth research on the use of silicon nanoparticles for lithium battery anode technology. At present, the addition amount can reach 40%, which is much higher than 5%-10% on the market, which can improve the specific capacity of lithium battery anode materials and prolong battery life.