【AEA 2017 Alumni】
MyStart-Apps, our Game Changer.
The FREE mobile application platform which aims to revolutionize MSMEs game in business. It allows MSMEs to create decent, neat, and quality mobile apps for FREE, saving the cost of development for these small businessmen, so they can use it in advertising. It gives them the power to make their customized mobile app through a user-friendly platform in less than 30 minutes.

Why build it on MyStart-Apps?
It is FREE.
It provides more value to your brand if you have your own mobile app.
It can exponentially expand your promising start-up enterprise because you can communicate directly with your customers through their IOS and Android phone, by sending notifications, updates or advertisements in your mobile app.


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Ateneo de Manila University
Mr.Geek’s MyStart-Apps (MSA) is a disruptive innovation that will empower the Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from around the world to have an equal opportunity with large enterprises in terms of brand competition in the field of mobile apps. It is a FREE do-it-your-own Mobile Application platform that will enable MSMEs to save a lot of resources in the mobile app development for their brands. Through MSA, their savings can be used to advertising opportunities within the ecosystem of different enterprises and its clients, being built and captured in this free platform.MSA is also a data mining tool which creates a marriage of Technology and Marketing, to make advertising more efficient and affordable for small players.