LPixel Inc.

【AEA 2017 Alumni】
LPixel, a spin-out startup from the University of Tokyo, is a leader in advanced image analysis software specialized in image data in life science field. The company was founded in March 2014 by three members working in the same research laboratory in the University of Tokyo. Since the establishment of the laboratory in 2000, the laboratory has been leading the image analysis technology in biological sciences. By integrating imaging technologies and the expertise in life science fields, LPixel developed a cloud-based image analysis platform specialized for life science images. The company is also developing a medical image analysis diagnostic support system designed to detect cancers and diseases by using their original artificial intelligence technologies. LPixel also provides a product which can detect unnatural parts such as cut and paste of images and processing in images included in academic papers in the life science area. LPixel is also involved in several major national projects including ImPACT and CREST to support the advancement of core image analysis technologies.


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Project Professor,
The University of Tokyo
The company has a very strong engineering team who have been developing advanced image analysis technologies specifically targeted for analysing image data in life science field. Based on their original algorithm and machine learning technologies, LPixel provides image analysis software and services specialized in processing images in life science fields. Although their initial products are focused on researchers in the life science area such as medical, pharmaceutical and agriculture, their ultimate goal is to utilize their machine learning technologies to medical diagnosis. AI-based medical image diagnosis support system can accurately detect cancers and diseases from a variety of medical images such as CT, MRI and endscopes without depending on skilled interpreting doctors. There are abundant medical image data in Japan where imaging diagnostic devices are much popular than in other countries. LPixel is in a good position to utilize the advantage of being a Japanese company to be a global leader of AI-based medical diagnosis systems.