Lively Impact Technology Limited

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
The company focuses on customer interaction analytics and offers Fingereach as its flagship platform. Fingereach is a Mobile Advertising Platform designed for advertisers to buy mobile ads across thousands of apps and webs in real-time, supported by the analytics found using Big Data technologies. Fingereach integrates with leading global and regional Ad Exchanges (e.g. Google AdX, Smaato, Adsmogo) to buy mobile ad slots in real time, based on the data pattern found in billions of usage behavior data made by different mobile users.

Fingereach has proprietary technologies in discovering under-priced inventory, identifying deep customer segments and has a social scheme to enable physical social connections. The platform was benchmarked to have a 30% impression-fee-cut and 50% click-fee-cut compared with other competitors. Fingereach has won numerous awards, including HK ICT Award 2015 (big data), Cloudera Data Impact Award Top 3 (amid AMD and Mastercard), GD-IOT Most Creative Award, and TechCrunch Beijing Top 15.

Fingereach has generated from 0 to US$300,000 revenue, 30 customers (8 channels) and enabling 3 social communities in the last 12 months operations.

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Commercial Officer,
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)
Being a major breakthrough in the digital advertising industry, the award winning Fingereach platform focuses on customer interaction analytics using its proprietary big data algorithm. By efficiently connecting both mobile advertisers and end-users, the right advertisements can be delivered to the right customers in a split second. The proven technology truly unleashes the power of scalable number of machines to process huge dataset, which is praised and deployed by the industry. Besides enabling advertisers to maximize their resources while achieving the best result, its contribution to the social enterprises is also much appreciated.