【AEA 2021 Alumni】
At Lifeform AI we create IoT interfaces for healthier habits. The LifeChair is our IoT platform that uses our patented eTextile sensing technology and AI-based human behaviour models to improve the quality of life at work and in the home. The LifeChair IoT cushion and its partner app train healthy habits through posture training, stretching guidance and tailored work-life balance management. We’ve partnered with Fujitsu to create the offices of tomorrow by using the LifeChair to provide a suite of wellness features and AI-powered personalised feedback. Our innovations have also sought new ways to assist those working remotely and from home by offering an in-home wellness platform for employees and team management tools for employers.

CEO and Founder

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University of Tsukuba
They provide a new chair to prevent back pain, which can be said to be a modern social issue. Their patented moquette pressure sensor allows for posture control without compromising the design or texture of the chair. This technology is expanding new markets by collaborating with furniture manufacturers and IT companies and establishing mass production technology with manufacturing companies. The first target should be office work chairs, but they are also preparing to introduce chairs to improve production efficiency at manufacturing factories and to enter markets of games, automobiles, household chairs, etc. Furthermore, there are many applications other than chairs as thin multi-channel pressure sensors, so they are considering expanding the market. They are establishing Australia and Japan markets and are thinking about the United States market soon based on recent interviews in US companies and venture capitals and is expected to be a startup that will grow worldwide.