KATSANA is a data company focusing on usage-based insurance & connected cars. Our prediction and gamification engine excels in understanding driver behaviour patterns, scoring drivers based on actual risk on the road, and engage them to become better drivers. We work with motor insurers and auto manufacturers to enable safer roads for all through a unified & API-centric automotive platform. We have so far collected 440 million kms of driving data, and managed to reduce risky behaviors by 62% within 12 months.


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Associate Professor,
Putra Business School  
In recent years, Malaysia are getting serious with Digital Economy and soon to launch Digital Free Trade Zone near Kuala Lumpur International Airport.. Everyone is preparing for the Industrial 4.0 and data analytics are becoming important features for the survivability of any company. Katsana is a forefront runner in this area with a concentrated focus on usage-based insurance and connected cars. Their advantage is in coming up with a platform that aims to become the standard in motor insurance industry in Malaysia and South East Asia. This platform will allow sharing of data between the users and their insurance providers which will eventually benefits both parties in term of reduced claims and risky behaviors.