【AEA 2022 Alumni】
INOPASE Inc. is a medical device company focusing on developing miniaturized closed-loop neuromodulation to cure neurological disease for better treatment, such as Epilepsy, Urinary Incontinence and Faecal Incontinence, which is different from conventional neuromodulation that only achieved symptom reduction. We have a patented wireless charging technology and closed-loop technology.
The closed-loop technology is a personalized treatment because the treatment effect (Nerve stimulation) is automatically regulated based on each patient’s nerve monitoring. This approach can achieve higher treatment outcome and patient comfort.

INOPASE has two product pipelines: Closed-loop Sacral Neuromodulation and Closed-loop Brain Neuromodulation.
Closed-loop Sacral Neuromodulation: We are developing the world only smallest and smartest implant device to cure Urinary Incontinence and Faecal Incontinence. Sacral Neuromodulation market is forecasted to reach 2.4 billion USD global market by 2026. INOPASE aims to launch the product in 2026 and forecasts to reach 300 million USD sales by 2030.

Closed-loop Brain Neuromodulation: We are developing the world only full brain electrode coverage (128 & 256 electrodes) and thinnest electrode (10µm thickness) to treat Epilepsy. The brain neuromodulation is forecasted to reach 3.4 billion USD by 2027.


Nominated by

Director - GTIE, Office of Startup and Entrepreneurship Education, Division of University Corporate Relations,
The University of Tokyo
I met Wang Yen Po three years ago when he joined our University of Tokyo Entrepreneurship Program (EDGE-NEXT) and he is always very keen to innovation and startup company. After a year, he founded the company and I witness his growth in leadership and entrepreneurship prospect, and his company got two national grants from AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development) in less than two years, which is very fascinating and exciting to see how he has been growing and achieving many things in such short time.
INOPASE is proposing a game changing treatment approach to give patient a better quality of life in the area of neurological disease based on his unique technology, so I would like to nominate this company to participate in this event to support this company’s growth.