【AEA 2019 Alumni】
An uptick in the lifestyle, triggered by jet-speed urbanization and industrialization, at times reveal a few clefts. The change takes people afar from the root which can adversely impact the body. One such is hypertension or high blood pressure. If allowed to persist longer, then it has the potential to lead to much more demanding diseases such as heart failure, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and others. To counter the disease, anti-hypertensive drugs have been introduced by various drug manufacturers. These drugs are primarily chemicals that can lower high blood pressure or tension and curb chances of contracting myocardial infarction or stroke. Keeping an eye on our blood pressure level is very important for a healthy heart and organ function. If not properly monitored and maintained, high or low blood pressure levels can lead to an assortment of health risks.
With our Smart Intelligent Materials, that show non-radioactive alpha, beta and gamma rays, non-toxic, non-conductive, non-migrating and non-magnetic properties, it can stabilize blood pressure. Through its unique chemical interaction of the impregnated materials in the plaster, it emits a low-frequency vibration to the blood, thus improving its circulation.


Nominated by

Putra Business School   
 This start-up was nominated because of its huge potential of its technology, which can be applied in diverse industries such as food care, energy management, machinery and healthcare. It has a well-balanced team of professionals and researchers and some of its products are already in the final stage of commercialisation. What this start-up currently need is the full support in term of financing and networking to scale up and reach wider audience especially in Asia region.