Diagnostring Laboratories India Private Limited

【AEA 2018 Alumni】
At present, India requires better and affordable health care products for aggressive diseases like cancer. Currently, millions of Indian patients do not have access to right health care products, as they are not available in India. Majority of the hospitals in India still depend on the Western technologies that are not accessible.
With the new Make-in-India initiative introduced by our current Prime Minister, Diagnostring Laboratories believed to be a first Indian company to innovate and develop cancer and genomics based health care and diagnostic products.

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The objective of Diagnostring is to innovate the healthcare technology through the novel genòmics (DNA) platform and provide easy and affordable solutions to clínic and save lives of people affected by cancer. For this purpose, Diagnostring have put together a team of genomics and biotech experts along with clinicians to develop patented products that could be catered to patients outside India.
Diagnostring is incorporated in India as privately funded and limited company. The company has about 5 full-time employees with a mission of expanding over time. Diagnostring has cutting-edge and necessary equipment such that they are completely operational within less than 2 years that is not possible for most of the startups in India. Overall, Diagnostring’s mission is to treat patients based on their DNA profiles such that personalized treatment would be made possible for càncer patients. Since only a fraction of Indian patients have access to càncer healthcare products, their innovative technology and methods would help them to increase the revenue of the company.