Claro Energy

Claro Energy was established in early 2011 with the goal to disrupt the farm irrigation sector in India and later globally. Claro provides solar irrigation solutions to farmers replacing expensive Diesel Engines/Pumps. Besides being expensive Diesel based pumps pollute extensively and use additional carbon footprint in Diesel supply chains. Claro’s Intellectual property enables revectoring horizontal Solar solutions such as Solar grids, pumps into a custom specific usage model namely agricultural irrigation. Claro believes that agriculture will be one of the largest use cases of Solar power.

Over the past 6 years they have deployed over 7000 solar irrigation pumps across 15 states in India. They are also driving a lot of business model innovation in this space and some of their work (‘Solar Irrigation As A Service’) has already received global recognition such as with USAID, Skoch Achiever Award, Giz Germany. Over the next 2 years, they’re likely to deploy another 30,000 solar irrigation pumps across India and Globally impacting over 500,000 rural lives. The company is looking for support from investors, lendors and technology companies to help them rapidly scale in this unconventional sector.


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Claro Energy is a Sustainable CleanTech company providing Solar Irrigation Solutions. Irrigation is a critical challenge in enabling successful agriculture. Solar pumps provide a vital capacity to enable pumps using ground water and solar power to provide water to plants thereby (a) reducing dependence on diesel supply chains to operate irrigation pumps (b) reducing the carbon foot print (c) Ensuring On-demand and timely availability of water for irrigation. Claro Energy’s Solar irrigation solutions provide exactly these benefits. Founded in 2011, Claro’s Proprietary solutions already generate around 28 MWs of power every day and irrigate around 110,000 Acres of land besides reducing around 5000 tons of Carbon emissions each year. AEA could be a great platform for Claro Energy to showcase it technology/business model innovation, meet potential partners (investors and technology companies) in all Japan and other Asian countries.