Beijing Quality Technology Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2017 Alumni】
Quality Technology is a company which offers smart air purifying solution based on AI and IoT technology. Currently, we developed a small-scale AQI forecasting system based on big data and machine learning. A smart air purifier and a corresponding app were also developed. We also build a SaaS platform for EM, CRM and data analysis. We have 20 employees in total and are divided into three teams: the hardware development team, the software development team and the management team. Most of them have working experience in large companies. We plan to sell our product at a relative low price to attract users and charge for filter-changing services based on the data that we collect on our SaaS platform. We can also earn a profit from the data of our AQI forecasting system. What’s more, when we have a number of customers, we can also earn money from ads on our app. In the next six months, we will mainly cooperate with manufacturers like Foxconn to test and manufacture the products. The amount of money that we need for the next 6 months will be around $1,500,000.


Nominated by

Assistant Director,
Student Career Center, PEKING University
Quality Technology is a promising start-up founded by three Peking University Ph.D. students with engineering, economics and industrial engineering management background. All of three founders not only have an excellent academic performance and show great leadership in student activities in school, but also have abundant working experience in large companies like McKinsey. Quality Technology is a high-tech oriented company which offers smart air purifying solution using big data, machine learning and IoT technology. They established complete research teams and finished the development of prototypes. In addition, they have partnership with Huawei and China Mobile in NB-IoT technology cooperation to build an air purifying IoT platform. Though still in early stage, they applied for 1 international PCT patent and 5 domestic patents. They also ranked top 5% globally during the European Webit Summit 2017. Air pollution is a global issue and the need of air purifying market in China, India and other air-polluted areas are far from being satisfied. With the artificial intelligence and IoT technology, the smart air purifying solution that Quality Technology offers is sure to be a good business.