Apollo Medical Optics Inc.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
The foundation for Apollo Medical Optics Inc. (AMO)’s technology is found at National Taiwan University, where inventors first began investigating the basics of medical optics. These researches eventually led to the development of the advanced technique used for the establishment of AMO’s specialized Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system. The difference in the AMO system is due to several factors: the system’s design, the implementation of the single-clad crystal fiber, the development and use of the system’s broadband light source, and the technique’s superior imaging quality. Due to the unique crystal fiber in place in AMO’s OTC system, it provides the AMO system’s images with stronger axial resolution and faster scanning speed when compared to other products. This fundamental technology has already successfully performed non-invasive scans on living patients, giving 3D images of the epidermis, part of the dermis, and the blood flow in capillaries within these areas. With a multidisciplinary and passionate team, AMO believes that the company can become the leading company of non-invasive technology in the world. Our first market will be focused on Mohs surgery (one of the skin cancer treatment), and it could apply our platform to the field of dermatology and pathology.


CEO & Co-Founder

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Chief Operating Officer,
Center for Industry Collaboration and Innovation Incubation, National Chengchi University
Apollo Medical Optics Inc. owns breakthrough optical technologies that overcome the current limitation in vertical axial scan through with higher resolution and faster speed. Its current application focus on medical / cancer diagnosis, yet these technologies have great potential in wild medical field with extreme contribution to the life science.