Amylex Biotechnology Philippines, Inc.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Amylex is a leading-edge biotechnology firm dedicated to delivering revolutionary therapeutics and diagnostics tackling some of the world’s most devastating and prevalent diseases. Its pioneering science, developed over a decade of research and numerous animal studies, holds the key to providing medical solutions that will benefit millions of people around the world.

The lead product, BETACLEAR, is to be developed into a clinical service operation for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease through a novel disease-modifying approach. The technology is based on a unique and proprietary approach using nanomolecular robotics.

The company was formalized to run through clinical trials and commercialization process in 2011. The management team is composed of accomplished businessmen as Board of Directors and Advisory Board while the clinical trial team is composed of highly qualified and experienced medical doctors in the fields of Geriatrics, Neurology and Nephrology.

Mr. Rogelio Santos, Jr., the founder and CEO of the company, has not only acquired this United States NIH-funded technology, but has geared the organization towards initiating the clinical studies and commercialization capacity in the Philippines. His intention is to create a lead in product and origination process that can be cited to both encourage medical innovations to originate in the Philippines, develop a first-world medical proposition, and boost medical tourism to a whole new level.


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Ateneo de Manila University
The medical findings and solutions that Amylex has developed provide a breakthrough in the efforts to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The technology has been proven and the organization and business model to implement the program is already in place. The potential of this company is so huge that investors all over the world have been contacting the proponents to be involved in this new technology. Over ten years ago, an innovation in medical science was quietly being studied and developed. Today, Amylex is on the verge of releasing this medical breakthrough to the world. The company and its flagship product offer solution to one of the world’s most elusive health problems, Alzheimer’s disease. Amylex presents global innovation in approaching the root cause of the disease by employing a medical device technology based on a unique and proprietary approach using a nanomolecular robotics. The development and launch of the product will be done in the Philippines. The method of the process engaged has inspired the development of a more stringent and globally competitive clinical trial approval process in Philippine FDA and already moved multi-national research organizations to contact Amylex towards moving originating science and clinical research in the Philippines, setting a platform where the country may potentially become the new gateway of research into the Asian market.