Acumen Research Labs

 Acumen has developed AcuSeptTM — a novel, blood-based Sepsis Host Response test using sepsis-specific mRNA biomarkers — that can assist the doctos to detect sepsis in patients in 4-5 hrs, earlier and more accurately than current methods.

Intended Use:
AcuSeptTM generates diagnostic scores which fall in the range of either above or below a validated threshold level that determines the risk of sepsis. AcuSeptTM results are to be used in conjunction with clinical assessments and other laboratory findings as an aid to identify patients with low or high risk of infection and sepsis.

Clinical Utility:
・To differentiate patients with and without infection
・To differentiate patients with and without sepsis
・Can identify sepsis early

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 Acumen Research Laboratories (ARL) has developed the first-in-kind sepsis test that can rapidly detect sepsis through gene expression profiling of patients’ immune cells in just 4 hours.

Sepsis is an emergency, life-threatening illness yet the conventional method based on microbiological blood culture takes several days to obtain a diagnosis result. With ARL’s Sepsis test, conditions can be improved significantly and saving lives of patients.

ARL has received strong support from several Singapore government agencies including the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Enterprise Singapore.