Startup application Open

July 1, 2019

Meet the “tech-startups” from all over Asia!

Startup application

ASIAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD is an international innovation award by entrepreneurs from the high-growth Asian region. The participants will be joining the Asian entrepreneurs’ network while competing with their business. Apply for the competition and join the Asian entrepreneurs’ network!


Application for entry screening

Application for entry screening will be open for startups.
Please read the details and send the following documents before Friday, August 30th, 2019.

*The entrant company must be nominated by a person responsible for startup incubation/acceleration at a university, research institute, incubator or accelerator in their country or region.
*All documents and communication will be in English which is the public language for the event.
*A nominator is able to nominate ONE startup company.
*The representative of the startup company to join the event MUST be the CEO or President.


(1) Please find a nominator to fill in the following two documents.
A. AEA2019_1_NominatingCommitteeMemberForm together with a short bio, full CV, and a high definition face photo of the nominator.
B. AEA2019_2_CompanyNominationForm


(2) Please send the two documents to;

Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2019 steering committee by e-mail.
We appreciate for your understanding to observe the deadline. The nomination process will complete when all data is sent.


(3) The result of the screening will be sent to the nominator and entry company no later than
Saturday, September 14th , 2019.

*Details can be changed without announcement.


Judging criteria

(1) Possibility of collaboration with Japanese large corporations
(2) Innovativeness, commercial viability and social impact of the business, with consideration given to the potential of the business to expand and bring about changes in the global economy and society.
(3) Business performance, which includes the nominee’s competitive advantages, management team, strategic vision, and communication capabilities, including presentation skills.



-First Prize: 3 million JPY
-Second Prize: 1 million JPY
-Third Prize : 500,000 JPY

-31 VENTURES Award:All the award winners above will also win 2 years free use of co-working space at 31 VENTURES Office operated by Mitsui Fudosan (3 persons per company).


Qualification for Entry

Startup companies must meet all of the following requirements.
(1) Must have specific interest in Japanese market or desire in expanding business in relation with Japanese large corporations.
(2) Must be a technology startup focused in either fields of AI/ IoT or Medical/Healthcare.
(3) Must be an early stage startup which has completed PoC (Proof of Concept), and is able to communicate with a specific customer by using prototypes, samples or mockups.
– There are no conditions on the number of years of establishment or the amount of capital.
– A venture-backed company or a company with VCs involved is acceptable.
– Public companies or affiliates of large corporations are not accepted.
(4) Must be nominated by a person responsible for startup incubation/acceleration at a university, research institute, incubator or accelerator.
(5) Startup company must be able to participate in all the programs held between October 30th – November 1st, 2019.

It is also desirable for the nominator to consider the following factors of the startup:
∙ Have a great management team.
∙ Have high growth potential and impact on the global market.
∙ Have some track records in business progress.
∙ Have team representatives with the command of English language good enough for the competition, as the competition process will take place in English.


Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) 2019 Steering Committee