【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Widuz is developing a new class of renewable and sustainable material called BVL™ (Bamboo Veneer Lumber), which is a high-performance patented structural lumber synthesized from bamboo fibres. BVL is up to 3 times stronger than timber while is not susceptible to any decay or degradation, and is much more dimensionally stable. BVL is suitable for construction of modular prefab buildings in place of other non-renewable construction materials such as concrete and steel.


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Development Partner | Infrastructure Services,
Enterprise Singapore
Widuz's project is in line with the Singapore's Construction Industry Transformation Roadmap for a sustainable development through the use of advanced / sustainable building materials. Through the AEA, we hope to be able to facilitate introductions to manufacturing partners or strategic investors which can help Widuz scale up its production capabilities and capacity to take on projects in the built environment and lifestyle sectors.