SynerSense Pvt. Ltd.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
SynerSense’s flagship GaitSense product for people with orthopedic impairments and neuromuscular disorders in healthcare and wellness for elder people, sport and industry workplaces safety. GaitSense is body-motion capture wearable multi-sensors and portable gait analysis system, affordable, saves time, revenue maximize. GaitSense provides objective functional activity body-movements (> 50+ key kinematics joints range of motions and spatio-temporal parameters) and body-posture analysis at high accuracy with a proprietary scientific algorithm using a data visualization platform that converts quantitative data into the simplest representation that helps the user to make faster surgical decisions, therapy monitoring, recovery and reduce high-risk of injuries in order to return back to normal daily activities.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Director General,
JETRO Ahmedabad
A promising start up. Have developed deep research based sensors. Results of their health sensors show highly effective. The innovation can be an effective tool among health related concerns across age-groups and industries.