Sintez LLC

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Your Personal Trainer (UpT) is a software platform for teaching tennis, golf, and other sports. It helps athletes to:
— find a coach and organize a remote training process with video stream analysis;
— practice basic exercises independently under the AI supervision;
— keep track of the development.
The comprehensive solution combines cutting-edge technologies with scientific and practical groundwork – the relevant experience was accumulated when the team had performed a digital project for the Russian Tennis Federation.

Features for the athletes:

1. Reduced training cost: practicing basic exercises with high-quality feedback by AI.
2. Digital twin technology to prevent injuries.
3. Remote training: match with professional coaches regardless of their location.
4. AR technologies to train in real time.
5. Training history and progress tracking.
6. Search for a sparring partner with a given skill level.

For the coaches:
1. Demonstration of portfolio and ratings.
2. Increased earnings: simultaneously training more athletes from different countries.
3. Assistance in choosing the right technique by providing analysis of the athlete’s progress.
4. Ability to adjust model / learning patterns for AI.

Business model: subscription sales; royalty for an on-demand analysis by a pro coach; in-app purchases: premium content and cloud storage space.


Nominated by

Head of International Projects,
Skolkovo Foundation
The most recent pandemic has drastically changed our lives – and we have to adjust our daily routines under the new conditions. Fortunately, modern technologies make it possible to arrange the processes remotely not losing much in their quality. The UPT project is a good example of such undertakings to transform sports training and make it less dependable on borders and schedules.