Shenzhen Bixuange Technology Co. , Ltd.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Shenzhen Bixuange Technology company was established in 2015, specializing in research and development of IOT monitoring equipment, data visualization, data mining, project-based innovative enterprises
The company has a number of overseas high-level talents including experts who are engaged in the development of such products, and also corporate with professors from fields with rich experience, forming a scientific R&D team.

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of high wind disasters has brought a lot of adverse effects to our life and production. Typhoons occur has the attributes of high intensity, wide range, suddenness and concurrency. The high wind and rainstorm disasters can be derived from sub-level disasters, so that high wind prediction is great importance at the level of disaster prevention. Our simulation model result complements the detection equipment data insufficiency, provides very high spatial resolution in a city scale with comparatively cheap cost.


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JETRO Guangzhou
Shenzhen Bixuange Technology Company is a highly promising high-tech company, one of the few who can provide super-resolution wind simulation system of real-time operationalization for large regions(city unit). Specifically, by using AI and big data to perform wind plotting and image processing around buildings, it is capable of wind forecast in urban areas. This will contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation through early detection and forecast of abnormal weather. Hence, its application is expected around the world, especially in Japan, where natural disasters are frequent.
Moreover, the company has an outstanding technology and management team, including a number of technical experts graduating from prestigious universities both at home and abroad. The founders, graduates from Technical University of Denmark and MIT, have been committed to urban sustainable development over years.