Red Arrow Therapeutics Inc.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Red Arrow Therapeutics’ chemists shape the behavior of proteins by carefully designing polymer-protein conjugates with controlled architecture, composition, size and stimuli responsive chemistry. Our unique approach can then generate prodrug-like proteins with optimal pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and targeted activation at disease sites without compromising the biological action of the proteins. With our novel platform, a broad range of valuable functional attributes will become accessible for therapeutic innovation. As a 1st pipeline, we focused on immunotherapy, where only 20% patients respond to standard immunoncological options, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs). Because the immunosuppressive environment of cold tumors is the major reason for immunotherapy failure, Red Arrow Therapeutics has developed protein prodrugs that safely boost antitumor immunity. To this end, we have identified the hit formulation capable of tumor eradication, even in malignancies that are resistant to ICIs, and we will optimize this formulation before large-scale manufacturing, pre-clinical trials and clinical trials. We are convinced that our proprietary platform will attract Japanese investors and pharmaceuticals to jointly develop products, and we aim to achieve IPO with our pipelines toward blockbuster drugs and alliances.


Nominated by

Director EDGENEXT,
The Univ. of Tokyo
Dr.Takuya Miyazaki established Red Arrow Therapeutics that provides a novel drug delivery system using polymer micelle that he did as his research theme at The University of Tokyo. He is getting funding from The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd as a lead investor in order to identify the lead compound for manufacturing, pre-clinical trials and clinical studies. He is a promising entrepreneur, so I recommend it.