Peth Yoeung Healthtech

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Peth Yoeung by First Womentech Asia Co., Ltd. is a Cambodia’s largest cloud-based Hospital Management Software Platform created to advance our healthcare ecosystem in Cambodia and ASEAN nations through securing medical records, patient data and smoothening hospital operating processes and is also integrated with a premier healthcare marketplace to help improving the pathway to access to healthcare of people anywhere, anytime conveniently. Peth Yoeung has set strong footprint in Cambodia and is recognized by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. Peth Yoeung won national competition as the social start-up business to join the international competition in Geneva, Switzerland 2019 (distance) and award from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications last March 2019.

It has been deployed for nearly 200 public and private hospitals and clinics—covering 15 provinces and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Nearly 10k active users of combined medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, health professionals and hospital related administrative staffs signed up with Peth Yoeung. We have been making positive impact on the life and healthcare of nearly 2 million Cambodian population and have made millions of medical records available and accessible online anywhere, anytime for better healthcare and treatment.

CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Project Officer,
JETRO Phnom Penh
Cambodia suffers from the shortage of doctors and hospital operations are inefficient. Peth Yoeung Healthtech is a Cambodian hospital platform that automates all operations in the hospital and clinic. Their business allows doctors to focus on their core business. Peth Yoeung Healthtech has been approved by the Ministry of Health for their business and has won a startup event. Moreover, they plan to expand their business in other ASEAN countries. From the above, we recommend them because they can be trusted and we can expect future business growth of them.