Peer Robotics

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
Peer Robotics is a collaborative mobile robotics startup, building end to end material handling solutions for small amd medium scale manufacturing lines. Our robots can learn from humans in real-time, allowing people on the shop floor to easily program and deploy the robots as they need. Providing cost effective and simple material handling solutions to support operations of small and medium scale manufacturers.


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JETRO New Delhi
Peer Robotics is developing AI & Machine Learning based cooperative logistics support robots. Their features are that they can cooperate and learn from human movements, as well as reduce the burden and cost for initial deployment, which are often challenges in factory automation and DX. This technology can be easily introduced even by small and medium-sized enterprises, and is necessary to improve work styles and production efficiency in Japan, where the population is aging and the labor force is shrinking.
They hope to collaborate with Japanese manufacturing and logistics companies.