OUI Inc.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
OUI Inc. is a University-launched startup founded by the ophthalmologists. Nowadays, over 44 million people are blind and 2 billion populations has a visual impairment, and the economic loss is calculated over 5 trillion USD. The main cause of this world blindness can be treatable by sufficient diagnosis and treatment. However, due to the lack of medical devices, these numbers are gaining these days. To solve this word problem, we invented a smartphone attachment medical device named “Smart Eye Camera(SEC)” which has an equal function as a conventional slit-lamp microscope. SEC achieved to perform an ophthalmology diagnosis anywhere, anyone, and anytime. SEC has great potential in remote diagnosis and online consultation especially in developing countries in isolated places. Moreover, we are developing diagnostic artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a new style of ophthalmology diagnostic system. We just started this project in 2021, now we have over 20 partners, and over 100 SECs are installed worldwide to bring an ophthalmology diagnosis, especially in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America to screen out the treatable eye disease and bring them to suitable ophthalmology partners. We aimed to reduce 50% of the world’s blindness by expanding SEC.



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Association of startups from Keio Universitiy school of Medicine
OUI Inc. is a one of the start up which existed from the beginning in our association. They aim to reduce 50% of world blindness by 2025 which is the most precious value to the ophthalmologist. Not only that, you have a huge potential to help worth economy by bringing light to blind patients. Dr. Shimizu who is the CEO of this startup, is a specialist in ophthalmology and also has PhD. Mr. Nakayama who is responsible for the business side in the starter is a well-skilled business person who had experience worldwide. Dr. Tanji who is responsible for the engineering side of this company is a machine learning engineer who has PhD class from Tokyo university. Therefore, OUI Inc. has a great team that has valuable collaboration between medicine, business, and engineering.
OUI Inc. has a large potential and could be a unicorn from our association. Therefore, we strongly recommend OUI Inc. as a nominee for the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2022.