Nocnum Inc.

【AEA 2022 Alumni】
Wastewater treatment for more than 10 million people in Japan depends on the purification process by an advanced septic tank. Advanced septic tanks (AST) and their proper maintenance are necessary for sustainable wastewater treatment in Japan. However, the majority of AST maintenance companies have big challenges: insufficient staff, inefficient work culture caused by paper-based administrative work, and technical difficulties in remote monitoring of ASTs. It is an urgent task to increase human and time efficiency in the operation of the AST maintenance company by the digitalization of their business, and to ensure that proper and sustainable maintenance reaches all ASTs.
We provide AST maintenance companies with an “automatic maintenance scheduling” based on sensored AST condition, an “operation assistance system” that digitalizes the administrative tasks, and a “visualization for AST condition”. Three services are geared by an IoT sensor newly developed for AST. By implementing these systems, maintenance companies can increase the number of ASTs maintained per unit of staff. Monetizing model is that the maintenance companies pay a sensor installation fee for each AST, a system installation fee, and system usage subscription fee.


Nominated by

Institute of Experimental Management
The company was created to apply the technology that can create a platform for IOT society, which is being researched at Kyoto University, to fields related to environmental conservation.
I am nominating this company because I believe it is a very promising company that brings together universities and solutions to social issues.