More Foods Innotech Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
More Foods Innotech is a leading plant-based food start-up in Thailand under product line, namely “More Meat”. With the consumer’s increasing awareness of food ingredients, as well as growing interest in natural, eco-friendly and sustainable food sources, we offer products made with quality ingredients, highlighting on nutrition, using local plants of Thailand that have bioactive compounds to promote good health, as well as sourcing from smaller producer groups to create sustainable income and job opportunities for the community.
Since its establishment in 2019, we have partnered with large food companies like V Foods Thailand and Thai Union to scale up and create impacts for the people.

CEO and Co-Founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
More Foods Innotech is specialized in creating the plant-based food as new protein sources. The solution fulfills the diversified lifestyles of individuals with health awareness as well as efforts to achieve SDGs. They achieve these by identifying different plants with intrinsic benefits, adding value to the local crops, sourcing ingredients from local producer groups, producing through an innovative low-processed and low-impact method to help sustain both the people and the environment.

For current product line, they do differentiate by using locally sourced Splitgill mushroom and non-GMO soy as the main ingredient, which make a great combination for texture, nutrition and together forms a complete protein. They continue to develop the next series of products by selecting different plants that delicious and nutritious whereas creating sustainable income for community.

The team holds knowledge advantages in the area of plants and bioactive compounds and have the business experience to import food products. These make them truly understand the plants, food market, customer need and run business with the social & environment initiatives.

They are currently working to expand business with large food companies such as Thai Union and V Foods (Thailand). These create the possibility to scale up into international market.