Cartosense Pvt Ltd

【AEA 2021 Alumni】
Cartosense’s vision is to make targeted surgery more precise and accessible. Cartosense has developed the world’s first mobile surgical navigation product – reducing a 200kg capital equipment product constrained to the OT, into a mobile unit that fits into a briefcase. Surgical navigation is technology that tracks the surgeon’s instruments while operating on a patient and provides real-time feedback about the current position and trajectory of an instrument with respect to the patient’s MRI/CT images. This makes it almost like a GPS system for the surgeon – only accurate to the millimetre level.

Our breakthrough product is a result of deep expertise in optics, mathematical modelling, computer vision, graphics, and precision engineering. In upcoming improvements to our platform, we are advancing the state of precision surgery through AR/VR and robotics.
Surgical navigation is currently an already established $900M market globally, of which the developed world is a $600M market and the developing world is a high growth $300M market. With increasing penetration in spine and orthopedic surgery and adoption in new applications within ENT, dental surgery, the global surgical navigation market is expected to become a $3B+ market in the next decade. Our technology aims to democratize surgical navigation by accelerating penetration in emerging markets and developing new clinical and business use cases through reverse innovation in the developed markets.

CEO and Co-Founder

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CEO and Director,
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bengaluru
Cartosense has developed Iris Surgical Navigation, an innovative product for neurosurgery, which addresses gaps in the currently available surgical navigation technologies and sets a platform for advanced visualization and intraoperative robotics solutions of the future to drive better clinical outcomes. It is the most compact navigation product ever built. At its core, is the breakthrough single camera optical tracking technology, which makes the product super flexible to use in the OT. Their technology aims to democratize surgical navigation by accelerating penetration in emerging markets and new application areas such as ENT, dental and cardiac surgery.

Cartosense has been associated with C-CAMP since 2019 and is part of the C-CAMP Investment Portfolio. Cartosense has completed product development and testing and are currently working towards obtaining regulatory clearances in India and the US.

The Cartosense Team comprises young dynamic individuals, with good experience in the med-tech sector to see the product through to the market.

C-CAMP is confident that Cartosense will create significant impact by revolutionising the surgical navigation market, which is currently dominated by Medtronic, Brainlab and Stryker.