Value and Trust Co., Ltd.

【AEA 2018 Alumni】
Value and Trust Co., Ltd.(hereafter VNTC) develops solutions to maintain the correct shape of the spine. Our main product is spine correction brace, Spinamic, but we also develop advanced diagnostic and prescription system to help produce more sophisticated devices. Our focus at the moment is on teenage patients with scoliosis(AIS) and we aim to ensure that children with scoliosis maintain the correct shape of spine without surgery.
Our product, Spinamic, is a fabric type scoliosis brace, which is easy to wear and washable, thus more hygienic. Through our brace, we can treat AIS(adolescent idiopathic scoliosis) patients the most effective way with minimized side effects that existing rigid braces have failed to deal with. Our focus is to improve the quality of life of the scoliosis patients without side effects, especially depression. We are now preparing to develop and apply our product and system to various vertebral deformities.
For our goal of improving patients’ quality of life, VNTC works with many spinal experts including spinal mechanic engineers, doctors, product designers, and textile experts.


Nominated by

School of Business Administration, Kyungpook National University
I recommend Value & Trust company as a team representing Korean startup for AEA 2018 event since it creates both economic and social value by introducing high tech and hygiene spine correcting device. The company's business model is pretty solid, and it has great social impacts on helping children with scooped spine problems without having side effects. The company has made good use of its network with hospitals, and has a well-designed marketing strategy for expanding the share of domestic and overseas markets. Clearly separated from competitors' products in terms of its weight, comfort and cleanness, it is highly competitive, and at the same time, reduces the stress levels of children who wear it, making them less nervous. It uses a fabric type scoliosis brace. CEO, researchers and administrative support team members are filled with a sense of mutual cooperation. CEO, who has an egalitarian philosophy, facilitates candid communication within the company, which facilitates company's quick adaptation to market and technology changes. In sum, the company is expected to be prospering in a great scale.