uHoo Pte Ltd

 Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of every person by creating products and services that creates the importance of knowing the kind of environment people live in, how it affects their lives on a daily basis, and guide the actions needed to improve their environment, health and wellbeing.


Nominated by

JETRO Manila
 With the rising pollution and other environmental risks in the world, it is necessary to create solutions that will make us more environmentally aware and proactive. Thus, JETRO would like to recommend the uHoo Pte. Ltd. as we believe that the impacts of climate change and pollutions, more specifically, air pollution, can be mitigated. Moreover, the higher exposure to their product and services can contribute to healthier and cleaner environment, as well as a more conscious lifestyle. Through its feedback system that measures the most number of air quality parameters, and automation of existing products that aim to clean air, it would be applicable to every spaces – whether it be homes or commercial and business spaces. Lastly, their plans for expansion in Japan could greatly benefit from their involvement in this Awards event.