System Stone Company Limited

 Industry 4.0 trends are now impacting manufacturers and igniting awareness and desire for emerging technology that can improve business competency in our fast-evolving world.
 The major mission of any manufacturer is to improve the productivity and quality of their products. To do this they need highly conditioned machinery and facilities. Companies depend and rely on their maintenance teams; however, the human factor has an inherently high risk of error. Unpredictable situations like machine breakdowns still occur as nightmare scenarios for every manufacturer.
 System Stone specializes in industrial technology. We have developed machine maintenance management software on mobile application which ensures full transfer and control of maintenance engineering tasks to be regulated through our app. The workforce can no longer fail to achieve maintenance schedules.
 The System Stone predictive maintenance platform operates VIBRO as a cutting-edge ultra-sensitive vibration sensor IoT device with AI capability to track and predict future machine failure. This revolutionary technology will accelerate global manufacturing to the next level.
Our platform is now used by 415 factories in Thailand, including large companies (CPF, SCG, Kubota) and small companies alike.

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Vice President,
JETRO Bangkok
 System Stone is an Industrial Tech to satisfy the trend of Industry 4.0. They have developed the machine maintenance management software with combining IoT and AI technology on mobile application. It is a platform/software to control the maintenance engineering tasks, enhance productivity, and reduce operation cost and equipment downtime – which are the important solution considered by any industry.

 Currently, system stone is used by 415 factories in Thailand, including large companies (CPF, SCG, Kubota, Yokogawa, Yokohama) and small companies alike. And they have experience to work with J-startup, namely Skydisc, Inc. All make them ready to grow in oversea and Japanese market.

 Also, system stone is sponsored by VCs and many organizations, including DTAC Accelerate, True Incube (Seed-stage), and Expara (Pre-series A).