Startbahn, Inc.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Startbahn is an online platform specializes in art. The platform is a combination of a social networking service (SNS) and internet auction. Startbahn system consists of three kinds of Accounts (Artist account, Reviewer account and Collector account) and two kinds of Auctions (Primary auction and Secondary auction) as well as many functions unique to this system. Artist account can post and sell his/her art works and Reviewer account is paid for writing a review of art works. Collector account can buy and resell art works. Primary auction is for selling new art work and Secondary auction is for reselling art works. Startbahn offers a profit share to the Artist from the transaction of an art work when the art work is resold at the Secondary Auction. Startbarn system also offers a profit share to the Reviewer when an art work wins a bid with the influence of its review. Through these profit-sharing mechanism, the value of the art work is distributed fairly to all parties including artists, reviewers and collectors.


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Project Professor,
The University of Tokyo
Startbahn is an online platform specialized in art. Startbahn art auction system, patented in the U.S. and in Japan, can vitalize the art business by providing various unique mechanism to share the long-term value of the art works not only for the artists, but also for reviewers and collectors.