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SoundEye is a non-intrusive emergency monitoring system that can be placed on the wall or any surface that passively monitors scream sound event and motion events. The sound event classification technology is based on deep machine learning architecture. The sound event classification technology was deployed for a surveillance platform to classify gun-shots and large vehicle sound. The development of the SoundEye is based on hundreds of hours of verbal and non-verbal data performed by elderly in their apartments. SoundEye revenue model is through hardware sales of B2C and B2B channel. The go-to-market strategy will involve crowd-funding, online sales and retail shop. SoundEye will be priced at an affordable price of USD$89 with no monthly subscription. Possible B2B channel includes service, telcos, property developers and healthcare institutes.

SoundEye was incorporated and spin-off from A*STAR in May 2015. Our vision is to develop innovate technologies related to IT healthcare that benefit the society. Since 2013, SoundEye has won numerous awards, which includes Hacknovate Healthcare Technology Competition and SingaporeUP Carepack Well-Being Challenge, Eldercare Innovation Award 2014, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Award 2015 and Access Health Modern Aging 2015.


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National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School
SoundEye is the world first sensor that is capable of monitor senior’s safety through sound event classification and motion sensing technology. SoundEye is easy to install and detects possible emergency by detecting possible distress sound and motion. Beyond detection of emergency, SoundEye also provides features to allow verification, communication and monitor the activity-of-daily living. SoundEye has conducted real-world pilot-study to monitor 7 elderly around the clock for 4 months and achieve over 90% accuracy and less than 1% false alarm rate. SoundEye will also be priced at an affordable range and will be sold through business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) channel. With a large addressable market size and a capable, passionate team, SoundEye will bring value and create social impact to seniors, welfare organization and healthcare institutes all around the world.