【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Recruiting key talent is the No 1 business challenge facing any CEO. Top talent helps companies make a greater impact on the economy. Every good employee hired helps a company reap significant impact. Employees and employment are social activities and teams that like each other get much better results. RippleHire is a young and highly ranked company solving a Global problem of talent acquisition from India. Bringing together many disparate but very important concepts – Gamification, Social Networks, Technologies based social networks, RippleHire address a “Top 3” business problem for any company in any industry in any part of the world.

Every organization has a wealth of talent within the workforce. Top talent knows top talent and Rippleire helps an organization unlock the value in their employee networks to find talent that fits their culture and can succeed in that environment.

Founder and CEO

Nominated by

Derbi Foundation
Talent and Recruiting is the No 1 Business Problem for any Global enterprise. With the emergence of Private and public employee networks, research has shown new employees who have a day1 social connection to the company will be more successful. This is a well proven hypothesis in many employment situations – Globally, blue collared workers, white collared workers, start-ups, high Innovation companies, manufacturing companies. Ripple Hire is an early emerging leader in the “Social Recruiting” space and hence the nomination.