POKI Learning Asia (Cong ty Co phan Giao duc va Dao tao POKI Tan A Chau)

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
POKI Learning Asia has created an online education platform, which is:

  • ・An online learning environment for children to practice 21st century skills, including life, communication, thinking and ICT skills as well as to increase the excitement for practicing them in a comprehensive and well-balanced way;
  • ・The combination of technology and teaching methods that
  • Offers life skills training programs with fun online educational activities, with the method of learning by playing and practicing;
  • Raises the urge of education competition and supplementing the main courses at school, as well as stimulate the open and creative mind for students
  • ・An e-education system which helps students learn anywhere at any time with excitement. It also helps parents join and control the process of developing skills for their children by various interactive functions of the online portal.
  • ・A supporting system for teachers to deliver class-room activities that provides direct experience for students. A full teacher kit is prepared and can be downloaded from POKI server to help them facilitate the teaching process.
  • http://www.poki.vn/

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Associate Professor, PhD, Dean,
Foreign Trade University
Launched just 9 months after the start-up, www.poki.vn reaches its 10,000 users after 6 months of release and is becoming a friendly platform for not only students and parents to learn anywhere, anytime but also for teachers to deliver teaching at schools in many areas in Vietnam. Inspired by well-known Japanese manga Doraemon, which millions of Vietnamese kids are reading every day and learning many things from that stories, Poki and his friends are characters developed by POKI Learning Asia with a vision to bring kids, first in Vietnam and then in the region, with online learning stories and lessons to become 21st century global citizens. The most of 12 million K-12 students in Vietnam lack of skills to respond with global challenges. Thus, POKI adopts the framework for 21st century skills (www.p21.org) and turn it into the first visualized and interactive online platform, enabling the mass reach in entire country as well as expandable reach to the region. The CEO is exciting to join the Entrepreneurs network in Asia and share and learn from them as well as exploring opportunities to scale up POKI business model in the region.