PLIMES Inc. is a university spin-off company launched to create a pathway to market for academic research innovations originating from the research achievements at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Center for Cybernics Research and Center for Innovative Medicine and Engineering at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.
PLIMES Inc. is managed by the cofounders Kenji Suzuki, PhD(Eng.), Tomoya Shimokakimoto, PhD(Eng.) and MSc (Med. Sc.), Dushyantha Jayatilake, PhD(Eng.) who each have over 15 years of experience in developing healthcare/robotics technologies and Atsushi Nitasaka (CEO of ZINE), who has experience in launching successful startups and the know-how to reach out using modern media strategies. In addition, we have a comprehensive board of medical advisors to accurately shape the technology to match the need. We are social enablers and PLIMES Inc. focuses on the social problem-solving business by operating to dramatically enhance user experience and social interaction for people with special needs. We spent over 10 years in the academia developing these fundamental technologies that are finally ready to be transferred to the society.

CTO & Co-founder

Nominated by

Professor, Deputy director of headquarters for industry-university collaboration,
University of Tsukuba
As a model case using the intellectual property of the University of Tsukuba, it is a venture company that established a company by using faculty members themselves for their research results and is rapidly growing. Swallowing measurement technology utilizing artificial intelligence technology / robotics technology has gained high evaluation and is a technology contributing to the quality of life of mankind. Since it is an important technology supporting the future of the Japanese health industry, we hope to make a big leap and strongly recommend it.