Onward Health

【AEA 2018 Alumni】
Onward Assist is a machine learning platform focused on oncology, that provides decision assistant tools across the clinical process – including Diagnostics as well as treatment decision assistance. Onward Assist provides Oncology analytics tools that help clinicians be able to look at information of a large volume of patients and come to accurate clinical diagnosis and diagnosis. These analytics tools are built for Histopathologists (Microscopic examination of the Tissue), Radiologists (Medical Imaging such as X-rays) and Oncologists.
The key focus today is in diagnostics assistance in Radiology, and Computational pathology (around Breast càncer and Cervical cancer). Their tools does the work of a radiologist and pathologist respectively, and helps improve productivity by 30-40% (reflected by the reduction in the time taken to complete the reporting of an image, or a slide).
Onward Health is run by CoFounders, Dinesh Koka and Vikas Ramachandra who bring a combined 30+ years of experience in Healthcare, Business Development, Computer Vision, and Deep Tech. Dinesh is a 16+ years Healthcare Industry Exec, having worked with GE Healthcare, and then startups. Vikas Ramachandra (Ph.D) heads Data Science, and brings 10+ years of deep expertise across computer vision, machine learning having worked with Qualcomm and healthcare analytics startups in the US.


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Onward Health is in the Intersection of AI and Health care both focus areas of AEA 2018; bringing in Intelligence based on data to the clinical process (especially Oncology).They address a real problem (Cancer diagnostics), with a real solution that has crossed the Proof of validation stage. A great team of co-founders with over 25 years of experience; they have made good early stage decisions to focus on bigger Longer term revenue as opposed to smaller immediate revenue. They are early enough in the product /solution lifecycle to benefit well from AEA/Japan’s ecosystem. Besides the problem and their solution are essentially Global problems and fall in the range of Suggestive AI Solutions; an area which fits well within the regulatory framework of Global regulators like FDA (USA) and PMDA (Japan). Unlike other areas AI/Healthcare start-ups are characterized by much longer sales/product lifecycles and take longer to get to market, need deeper founder expertise, prior customer/partner knowledge; since AEA’s focus in 2018 is in these areas the nomination. Before choosing Onward Assist I looked at atleast 30 start-ups among multiple Indian Start-up ecosystems in multiple cities.