OliveWear Pvt. Ltd.

【AEA 2017 Alumni】
Olivewear has launched Project SaveMom, an initiative to provide better maternal care and healthcare ecosystem in both urban and rural areas. We have created two unique versions of solution powered by wearables, iOT based medical devices and cloud technology.
Our solution comprises of a fashionable wearable that monitors pregnant women 24×7, an AI based mobile app that acts like a personal assistant and contains doctor reports, and a cloud system that continuously processes the data. For advanced care we also have iOT based medical devices such as Blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, weighing machine, fetal heart rate monitor and blood glucose monitor, which provide antenatal care at remote places.
In Rural, we sell our solution to pregnant women through hospitals, governments and foundations who wish to improve the personalized care for pregnancy in remote areas. Our mode of operation is through grants and funds from foundations.
In Urban, we provide the entire solutions as “First 1000 days” which provides pregancy care, parenting tips and health tips to mothers for 1000 days. We sell our wearables and iOT devices through the app. Each sale we expect to make a profit of 35%.


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Award winning technology from NASSCOM, IIT and DST in India, Olivewear has been pivotal in developing a personalized care kit for maternal care. Its innovation has caught the eyes of the giants such as Philips, GE, BOSCH and BD. It has also setup its international operation within one year to expand on a global level. The company has both rural and urban operation, creating a potential to create a huge impact in the connected healthcare space and remote healthcare. The vision of the company is to reduce maternal mortality and improve the quality of maternal care around the world. Strong and enthusiastic team who work with a lean mindset are focused on getting things done. In a short span, the team has managed to develop wearable, iOT devices and mobile app with AI integration specially curated for pregnancy care, which makes it one of the most innovative start-ups in the country. NASSCOM, which is a recognized startup accelerator in India, has taken Olivewear as top 3 Iot startups for 2017 and provided space in its center of excellence.