【AEA 2019 Alumni】
Motorica is a company with offices in Russia (HQ), China and India focusing on research and development in medicine and robotics. Since its establishment, the company has been developing artificial hand systems and rehabilitation with assistive technologies. Half of the team are R&D staff and medical specialists.
Motorica challenges the outdated ideas about prosthetic care. The team taught prostheses to communicate with the user, go online, perform voice commands, pay for purchases. In 2018, Motorica launched the development of a rehabilitation platform based on virtual reality and a platform for collecting telemetry via gsm-module in prosthetic devices. Nowadays, people with disabilities become the primary users of the cyber technology market and turn weaknesses into strengths.


Nominated by

Head of International Projects,
Skolkovo Foundation
 Motorica is a fast growing company with a team of professionals in R&D and medical rehabilitation. They are working on making modern technologies (industrial 3D-printing with plastic and metal, IoT, VR, gaming) change lives of people with disabilities. In 3 years, Motorica has reached 20% share of the Russian market and has plans to expand globally, especially on the Asian markets.  I believe social impact that the team brings is tremendous, and that they have necessary vision and competencies to fulfil the ambitious goals they set upon themselves.