Ministry of Movement Pte Ltd (aka SWAT)

 SWAT is a high-tech mobility company that focuses on demand responsive, high capacity ride-sharing technology. With a world-class routing engine that dynamically matches vehicle routes based on a passenger’s booking location, city governments are able to utilise the software to optimise public transport and improve traffic situations. SWAT has implementations in Singapore and Sydney, and will soon be across ASIAN cities. SWAT also uses its technology to improve corporate staff transport that brings higher convenience for staff and reduces costs through greater efficiencies.

CEO and Co-founder

Nominated by

Managing Partner, President
The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.(UTEC)
 SWAT is one of the leading On-Demand Bus Service platform provider based in Singapore. SWAT has the world’s best algorithm for the High Polling Dynamic Routing computation, with proven operational capabilities. Successfully completed the trials with LTA (Land and Transport Authority) of Singapore, SWAT customers include government, public transport agencies and corporates in Singapore, Australia and beyond. SWAT recently raised investment form ComfortDelGro Group, Singapore movement entity and UTEC - The University of Tokyo Edge Capital. SWAT will expand its business into Asia, including Japan which is facing huge social challenges around mobility as a heavily aging society to which SWAT services is in high demand. SWAT’ on-demand-bus platform can provide convenient and economical mobility services for both developing and developed countries in Asia and will become the key component of new smart cities in that region.