Minet is a technology company in marketing field. We build a platform connecting brands who want to advertise through influencers on social networks. Our platform use Big Data and AI into a problems of optimizing campaign effectiveness by analyzing demographics and followers of influencers on social networks as well as analyzing the real or fake interaction of their accounts. From there, the system will automatically propose list influencers which is the most relevant to the brands. Beside, Big Data and AI automatically search and filter list influencer which match with Minet’s influencer networks.

Dang Thanh Dinh
CEO and Founder

Nominated by

Associate Professor, PhD, Dean,
Foreign Trade University
 Minet as Asia's first and largest SocialFeed Marketing platform, Minet currently has 20,000 influencers in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. With the exclusive Deep checking technology, Minet can deploy a SocialFeed campaign with 5000 people at the same time.
SocialFeed Marketing is a form of conveying messages on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok through people that customers trust such as Influencer, friends, relatives ...
Minet is currently a reliable partner of more than 100+ large corporations such as SNOW Corp, Traveloka, Lazada, Viettel, ... with its strengths such as:
- Is a unit of 83% marketing campaign on Titkok
- 79% of customers return after the first campaign