Langzou Technologies

【AEA 2019 Alumni】
Langzou Technologies develops state of the art 3D computer vision and computer graphics technologies and builds smart city platforms on top of them. It serves governments, campus owners and buildings with digital twin solutions with a series of IOT applications. With these solutions, space management from city scale to building scale becomes much more efficient. Langzou’s vision is to build a more reliable space management system that lets operators run with confidence.


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Senior Investment Manager,
Ray VC
 Langzou’s advanced technologies could bring a totally new experience to video surveillance industry in real estate sector. It makes individual CCTV camera’s video stream joine together to become a whole world. And as a campus manager, who can add more data layers on top of this system. We believe that this project will bring values to Misti Fudosan and other Japanese real estate companies.