I-King Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
We play the role of solution provider. On the one hand, we wil launch benchmarking products through researching and developing core technology. These products, domestic intelligent robots with land, air and sea components, could realize plenty functions. They could take multi-view pictures in the water, on the land and in the air. And they could fetch the express for their busy masters. They could also avoid obstacles and fly stably in complex environments. We will display the preponderance of our core technology by launching these products to get the profits, and draw the attention of UAV users at the same time. On the other hand, according to the demands of different users, I-King will merge the key technologies and make innovations in order to provide professional UAV solutions for relative industires. So far, we have sought for visible partnerships in highway supervision, agricultural intelligent corps protecion and urban surveying and mapping. And we have customized corresponding solutions for them. It’s also one of the key parts for us to make profits. What’s more, with advanced experience of developing UAV, we are willing to impart our developing methods to the extensive tech enthusiasts. I-King will serve as an education platform with plenty secondary development interfaces for college teachers and students, as well as UAV amateurs.


Nominated by

Assistant Director,
Student Career Center, PEKING University
From the technical point of view, advanced technologies about artificial intelligence and computer vision as well as long-term development experience make I-King be able to accumulate abundant polybasic fusion techniques. I-King could also provide relevant industries with feasible application solutions. From the market point of view, I-King will launch a new intelligent UAV platform with land, air and sea components. Because of its high carrying efficiency, multiple stable flight attitudes, automatic obstacle avoidance capacity and good flight safety performance, this product will attract the attention of many people. Apart from benchmarking products, I-King enlarges the marketability by providing professional solutions for the application industry. Meanwhile, I-King will also launch an education platform which is very popular with the secondary development players.