Hygia Sanitation

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Hygia Sanitation is a profit-oriented enterprise that aims to improve sanitation for all, by harnessing proprietary technologies offering disruptive onsite waste treatment capabilities. Our primary clients are the over 400 million households in Asia that use sanitation facilities that do not treat sewage, and are situated in either remote rural communities or densely-populated urban communities where conventional centralized wastewater treatment is too costly.


Co-Founder and CFO

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Change Maker,
Clean water is a scarce resource. Thailand is currently facing severe draught challenges and is expected to get worse in the next months. Thailand’s current water challenge is only one of the many we have heard in the past decades. Yet water pollution is still a common problem in developing countries. Local communities are sourcing they drinking water from the same rivers and canals in which the sewage is disposed. Proper treatment systems are neglected due to costs. Hygia Sanitation has set out to address this with through use of technology and sustainable business model. Some may categorize them into the so-call social enterprise. But social or not, they are solving a critical problem which as great direct and indirect impact in people’s well-beings. Coupled with a passionate team, this venture has great potential to be a venture with great impact. As a big believer of how basic social problems can be addressed sustainably through business model, I have nominated Hygia Sanitation for AEA2016.