Hugreen Corp.

【AEA 2018 Alumni】
After knowing 70 percent of humanity’s water supply goes toward growing plants, Hugreen decided to make plants production more efficient. Hugreen is a modern agriculture company that develops a solution for flower/delicate plants growers, integrating international resources to develop a precise and automated managing system. Automated facilities, irrigation, temperature controller, and lightening systems are controlled by precision agriculture sensors.
A cloud base plant library recommends the optimum conditions for different types of plants. Sensor-database cross comparison system prevents all diseases and pests beforehand by showing the alarm/recommendations to customer’s smart phone. The flexibility, accuracy and price over performance ratio let us receive more than 10000 sets preorders from Australia, north America, and Europe. Hugreen dedicate ourselves to help small farmers also can grow better and save more resources.

Founder & CEO

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Professor and DBA Director,
Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management, National Chengchi University
Hugreen is a pioneer in the area of IoT for agriculture. It provides solutions for the efficiency of agricultural farming to address waste of resources and cost of farm management. Hugreen not only provide solutions for crops, it also ultimately solve farming problems and food shortages under climate change and resources limitation.