Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited

【AEA 2016 Alumni】
Founded in 2012, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited (HKOWRC) is the first and leading organic waste recycling company in Hong Kong. HKOWRC’s mission is to integrate R&D, regular recycling service and public education in a holistic and commercially feasible approach. In HKOWRC, several innovative organic waste upcycling products (e.g. animal feed, edible mushroom, and mini-garden kit) have been commercialized and recognized by the public. More than 20 local food production and catering companies have joined our organic waste recycling service, and tons of organic waste is recycled everyday into valuable products via the advanced biotechnology developed locally with the support from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and local institutions. Several R&D Projects that recycle organic waste into building materials, fine chemical for fragrance use are still under-going.

Besides our works in recycling and research works, efforts are also devoted to promote the importance on treasury food and foodwaste reduction to the public. Only in 2015, more than 10,000 visitors have come and joined our education tour and workshop that aims at promoting food treasury and food waste reduction. A wholly own product brand “FoodCycle+” is also developed that sells high quality locally grown Veggie to supermarket. The fresh and tasty veggie helps demonstrate the cycle of “Waste to Food” into everyone’s home.

We sincerely hope the participation in Asian Entrepreneurship Award can help HKOWRC build up potential complementary relationship with other Asian’s enterprenuars and produce synergy in environmental protection and R&D sectors.


Technical Director

Nominated by

Chief Commercial Officer,
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)
Organic Waste Recycling is a global challenge. HKOWRC addresses this world concerned issue through its Waste Collection and Management Consultancy Services and educate the public to learn the importance of food treasuring. It’s social impact is hugh that benefits each of us. The great management team has very solid experience in research and development in the recycling field. Their effort and expetise in transforming foodwaste into high protein feed, nature compost, veggie & mushroom, soy pulp cat litter etc does give incredible contribution to the recycling industry.